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(I am sorry I cannot do multiplication nor division by using soroban, but only addition and substraction) Sometimes they use the left part of soroban to store the result tentatively.".

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Pretty straightforward – the North, a massive, dreary district from the Neck to the Wall, was a holdover from the First Men.

Those guys – the first humans on Westeros – took over the land in ancient times from the fairy-like Children of the Forest and were later invaded themselves by the Andals, though they kept their old traditions, like worshipping trees.

As I acquired artifacts for the gallery, I was puzzled with many Japanese sorobans had upwards of 21 digits, or columns of beads.

After all, the United States national debt is in the trillions which is 10 and only needs 14 digits, counting two decimal points, to display.

Other references, images and texts are provided Wickipedia and other sources.

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