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(Not to mention almost single-handedly breaking the wall of silence around a guy named Bill Cosby, detailed in Buress' excellent Comedy Camisado.) Buress was all long-suffering deadpan nonchalance in Broad City, but in a third-season twist – Ilana's longtime fuck buddy finds a woman who will commit – he also showed that he's got a wider emotional range than people recognize.

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We focused on the "now" – some of our all-time favorites aren't here because they don't happen to be peaking or prolific. (Or, yes, Pootie Tang.) But onstage is where he really brings the pain.

These 50 people (or teams) are all reasons why we are in a new golden age of comedy. Kate Mc Kinnon Mc Kinnon's been the MVP on Saturday Night Live for so long it's easy to forget how young she is – and how much more of her brilliance we have to look forward to.

As Steve Martin used to warn, comedy is not pretty. Louie is one of the most overwhelmingly influential comedies in TV history – so many of the names on this list got here by walking through the door C. Rock's new Total Blackout tour is cause for celebration, even if it was a painful divorce (and its price tag) that pushed him back onstage.

And in these fractious times, the power of laughter matters more than ever. He jokes about his post-divorce attempt to put the moves on Ri Ri: "You know how you forget how old you are? Then she asked me where Ray J went." Over the decades, Rock has never suffered a dry spell, even as he keeps moving out of his comfort zone into projects like his film Top Five.

(And a former rock critic made good, no less.) Perretti ascended with the special One of the Greats, casually announcing, "I guess you could say that I'm a direct vessel of God."Donald Glover Already an acclaimed rap jester under the handle Childish Gambino – and a star on Community, where he played the messiah of an air-conditioner-repairman cult – Glover outdid himself with the rookie season of his dazzlingly ambitious FX comedy, Atlanta, playing Earnest "Earn" Marks, a college dropout who goes back home to restart his life by managing his rapper cousin, Paper Boi.