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Hence from this article it appears that ancient Indian medical scriptures showed proof of cancer diagnosis and treatment over 3-4 millenia ago from now and Indians still practice traditional medicine for general well-being and treatment of maladies as evident from a thriving multi-million dollar industry. Pradeep Kumar Pravakar of IIT Bombay for constantly encouraging me to write this. Bhavya Jindal of IIT Bombay for fruitful discussions and help in document search.Thanks are due to IIT Bombay library from where I obtained Ayurvedic textbooks and articles which are quoted herein.

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In present day, many clinical trials and pre-clinical studies have shown effectivity and mechanism of anticancer activity of ayurvedic herbal medicines for which the reader may see following references (3, 7, 8, and 9).

In fact the present day market for traditional medicine in India is significantly large with big and small pharmaceutical players (e.g.

A multiple of 100 or 1000 was represented by a modification (or "enciphering" Such enciphered numerals directly represented the named place-value numerals used verbally.

They continued to be used in inscriptions until the end of the 9th century.

Susruta differentiated Arbuda (tumors) into four types – Raktaja (slightly suppurating malignant tumor), Mamsarbuda (Myoma, malignant tumor of muscle and soft-tissues) or Medaja (Lipoma), Adhyarbuda (metastatic growth) and Dvi-arbuda (a pair of hard, painless contiguous tumors) (3,4). He resembled unremoved source of tumor as a small spark of fire which can bring down the whole house (3).