Elucidating the mashup hype

Prominent among them are map data providers like Google maps, Yahoo maps, Microsoft Bing maps, India’s Bhuvan [2], ESRI Arc GIS online, openstreet maps to name a few that represent the required background map data.

In the context of adding user specified GIS map data or layers upon above mentioned base maps, only a few public cloud based offerings of building map content were found to be suitable, from a non-programmers point of view, like [3], Arc [4], [5], Geo etc.

In this regard a survey of map data providers was done to identify suitable sources.

There exist several data providers that render geo-spatial data depicting the entire world in an extremely fast rendering on-line application within a web browser.

Simple steps were followed in setting the spatial reference system, adjusting the back ground layer to the required extents and then uploading the layers as shape files to the service.