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is a spinoff of the series specifically made for smartphones.

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That’s when the idea of Playfire came about as gamers are more likely to socialize with other players if given the proper platform.

A public beta then followed in June 2008 and as the first website to release a Play Station gamecard, it did not take long for a huge number of gamers to sign up for the service.

Afterwards, you can also stay updated on your friends’ progress in the games they play and vice-versa. The three founders, Kieran O’Neill, Seb Hayes, and Ben Phillips, set up the company in 2007 and were able to launch the private beta in March 2008.

Its predecessor would be Play Station Universe which was a news and forums site that focused on the Play Station 3.

Playfire hit the one million user mark in February 2012 and the range of unique site page visitors each month are reportedly in the fifty to two hundred fifty thousand range!