Carbon dating volcanic rock

Large quantities of gas were released into the atmosphere consisting of water vapor, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride and flouride.This ultimately created a cloud that remained over Iceland and proceeded to create acid rain, poisoning livestock and the soil.

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It is said that most of the death toll was as a result of the landslide and tsunami; evidence of the devastating landslide can still be seen today.

Date: November 13 Despite being considered a medium sized eruption the volcanic event still had devastating consequences for the surrounding regions.

Unzen in 1792 is the most catastrophic and deadly in all of Japan’s history.

The initial eruption triggered a landslide and tsunami. Unzen consists of a group of composite volcanoes and they are located east of Nagasaki.

The eruption commenced in the night and caused both cold and hot mudflows, which buried the town of Armero.