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“I never claim to have figured anything out,” she tells me, speaking to the autobiographical nature of the film as well as her strange new status as feminist icon. Some magazines are like ‘Will you do a dating tips thing? I know what I’m doing.” In general, Schumer is far more comfortable talking about her work in a personal rather than political sense, and she’s definitely not purporting to be the kind of iconic feminist pioneer she’s often portrayed as.This is of course fine with me, as it provides fodder to my delusion that we’re just best friends casually chattin’ in Shane Warne’s nightclub at 10am, and saves me the indignity of trying to unpack huge ideas in six minutes under lights that encourage me to sweat through what’s probably my only classy button-up.

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Maybe it would have been more palatable if I wasn't so hungry, even a large popcorn couldn't help!

Bill Hader was the sole light in this very dark tunnel.

It was as if Australia had invited the most popular girl in school over, only to have her harangued by a horde of younger siblings and drunk sexist uncles.

‘s Monique Bowley and editor Mia Freedman discussed their interview flop in a podcast the day after, and laid much of the blame on Schumer herself. Didn’t she have more of a responsibility to play along and sell her film?

When we talk about the public’s reaction to her sex positivity she says, “I like feeling in control …