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He rejected a pretrial plea agreement which would have given him probation and listing on the sex offender list for life. This blog has consistently emphasized our concerns with pedophilia and the church.

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A tweet, written by an individual that I do not know nor do I know their religious beliefs, appeared to accuse the church pastor of posting this outside the church. I would also like to point out that Meagan Agnew (Update ed.

note 8/21) apologized for calling some folks "moron" in another tweet.

He also told me that if Greg Kelley is found innocent, they will have the real molester in jail in 30 days. Some claim that the police never interrogated Kelley without mentioning that Kelley refused to be interrogated by the police which was his legal right. Some have made the Leander community, albeit unintentionally, seem like the worst place in the world to live. Imagine how this little boy will feel about churches as he grows up. The church supposedly had people wear teal ribbons to show support for the victim during their GK festival.

I would hope that Pastor Brydon would report his suspicions immediately to the police. Some claim that the police force, the DA, the jurors, etc. However, that got lost in the taped mouths and orange T-shirts.

My concerns Years ago, I went to a pastor to help me deal with an issue in my life.