Chat irani in usa - My daughter dating older man

Still, the writer, who didn’t share her name, said that they’d managed to create a home and a life full of “an abundance of love.” Something they both didn’t think would be possible, neither did his daughter’s believe it, when they initially started dating.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being open to dating an older man with a child in your age group. And his daughter, or children in general, could welcome you with open arms.

There were quite a few handsome men there, including a guy she’d previously talked to, albeit briefly.

Despite looking like a 35-year-old who just so happens to have a salt and pepper beard, the guy is actually 53. My friend, in her early 30s, was really into him, but when she first started getting to know him, he was entering into a relationship with a woman closer to his age.

It came out while they were joking about him possibly forgetting her name. When I posed the question to my co-workers, asking if they would do it, one emphatically said “No!

He blamed it on the fact that he was “old,” and she replied that he could have fooled her and anyone else because he doesn’t look it. When she told him he casually said, “Oh, my daughter Tia is turning 32 next month.” She didn’t know what to think. ” The other raised her eyebrow, sat back in her chair to think for a second and replied, “How fine is he? I have a friend whose father dated a girl our age for a couple of years, and based on the way said friend and her sisters treated that relationship and looked at that young woman, it just seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

Our daughter is mature and has been in 2 previous relationships, but is also known to still have episodes of thumb sucking at home (although mature, she is still looking for nurturing). There is no value in mentioning your concerns as she already knows your position.