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Had you not believed that human nature, the reasons, the emotions of the ordinary man and woman, lead to war, you would not have written asking for our help.

You must have argued, men and women, here and now, are able to exert their wills; they are not pawns and puppets dancing on a string held by invisible hands. Perhaps even they can influence other people's thoughts and actions.

A whole page could be filled with excuses and apologies; declarations of unfitness, incompetence, lack of knowledge, and experience: and they would be true.

But even when they were said there would still remain some difficulties so fundamental that it may well prove impossible for you to understand or for us to explain.

You have reached the middle years of life not without effort, at the Bar; but on the whole your journey has been prosperous.

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    TARDISes are grown, as stated by the Tenth Doctor in "The Impossible Planet" (2006), and new TARDISes cannot be grown to replace a missing TARDIS unless the Doctor is on his home planet, Gallifrey.

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    The creme brulee desserts I have previously experienced were very sweet with a vanilla flavor.