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Mark was already dressed, and he'd dressed the part: shirt, slacks, blazer... Weirder, he was sitting at the desk in the small hotel room, with a stack of books and papers in front of him. Claire, sit down." He gestured firmly to the chair.

She sat, spreading her legs slightly, and looked up at him through her eyelashes.

She made a startled noise, then put her hand to her mouth and stifled it. " he confirmed with a leer, and she nodded a little breathlessly. I'll randomize at each kiss, either activating your toy or leaving you on your own. *** The Professor watched Claire walk up to her first couple of the night. The guy was wearing a short-sleeved dress shirt, his date a little black dress and strappy sandals. But then the man—she'd already lost his name—opened his mouth to hers and started kissing her in earnest. Claire's hands gripped the woman's shoulders in sympathetic reaction as her pussy clenched with the hidden sensation.

They walked to a standing table and put down their drinks. Be sure to record each participant's pulse both before and after. He saw Claire smile and lean in, say something to the woman, then laugh and put her hand on the boyfriend's arm. The Professor consulted his table and regretfully declined to press the button to activate her toy, but enjoyed Claire's thoroughly sensual first kiss of the evening. She was intensely conscious of his hands, one on the small of her back and one along her jaw, and felt her body respond to the moment. *** Half an hour later, Claire was rolling on a cloud of sexual energy.

To be fair, this was her biggest unfulfilled fantasy: the naughty schoolgirl. Why had she taken so long to let him half-know how important this was to her?

She wasn't attracted to teenagers, but something about the outfit, the not-quite-innocence, the power differential... She rarely masturbated these days with so many willing men (and women) offering to help, but when she did it was often imagining herself in a professor's office, on her knees in the outfit she was wearing now, working ever so hard to earn that "A." She'd brought it up a few times lately, and apparently, her husband wanted to help make it happen. She was looking forward to tonight, but worried it might be too tame, not quite what she needed. But then she thought about all the things she'd been too nervous to try on their last visit.

She'd finally tossed the phone to the side as she'd thrashed to a screaming orgasm and then another in rapid succession.

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