Fee live cam no credit card

Please be advised to make Payment for the required charges to our senior appraiser expert with the payment option below via WESTERN UNION: Receivers name: Vickie Bowles, Address: 1006 N Road 54 Pasco, WA 99301 USA Amount to be sent: 0 USD Once payment is made, you are to provide the following Western Union transfer information,if possible email us the scan copy of the payment slip as well. He said "make sure if Western Union asks who you are sending the money to, just tell them it's a friend, or a relative.MTCN NUMBERS: SENDERS FULL NAMES: Do get back to us upon the receipt of this email and let us know when you will be able to carry out payment so that we can know the way forward on this transaction. Otherwise, they will make you pay a higher transfer fee." I get to the Western Union, to pay the 0 for the "insurance policy".Note: Initial deposit paid by the beneficiary of funds is for the account type and it will be added and transferred along with your principal amount in it's exact value. Current Classic Account : Activation Deposit ........ Thus, upon receipt of payment, we will be sending your user login and password.

in a suspense account with this bank (Non-active account).

Hence, cannot be transferred until it has been deposited in an account opened with your name. All banks in the United Kingdom are authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) and adheres to the principles of the Banking Codes including Foresters International Bank.

I point blank asked him if this was a scam, that I was worried.

He said "and you should be","no, what I mean is, no this isn't a scam, and you have nothing to worry about". I was pretty sure at that point I wasn't going to be getting anything.

And the cost of transfer by Western Union will only be $265 you are to choose this option, all you need to do is to send down your full name and your house address to enable us transfer your loan to you successfully . There is a little charges attached to this loan before it can be transferred.