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In 1957 information about Sheena and Peter Caddy leaked out in a newspaper, and this proved an excuse to jettison contact with her. The segregation continued when, in the early 1960s, Sheena went to live at a village close to the new Findhorn Community.“In the space of a few months Sheena had been transposed from guru of the Chelsea Embankment to Celtic witch” (Sutcliffe, op. She did visit the nascent community, but the Caddy attitude towards her is reported to have been curt.Peter’s second wife Sheena Govan now “ostensibly welcomed her into the marital home in London” (ibid.), although the situation did not prove easy.

It became known as the Findhorn Community, not to be confused with the village of Findhorn nearby, whose inhabitants came to resent the conflation of identities.

Three and a half decades later, the Findhorn Foundation gained the status of an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation, associated with the United Nations).

“Their relationship remained platonic until 1953” (ibid.), after she returned to England.

Eileen then proposed a divorce, and was banished from the family home (and her five children) by her husband, who was still in Iraq.

The other major co-founder was Eileen Caddy’s second husband Peter, who was appointed manager of the Cluny Hill Hotel at Forres prior to the more famous caravan site phase at nearby Findhorn.