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Once a novelty, Vo IP phone systems are becoming the standard.Research shows that with landline service losing 500,000 customers a month, the Vo IP market is expected to grow by 10 percent every year through 2020.Their affordable costs and the ability to control the phones through an online portal are part of the big attraction of Vo IP phone systems.

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You can read more about each and the types of organizations we think they are best for below.

If none of our recommendations work for you, scroll down even farther to see of a comprehensive list of Vo IP phone systems for businesses.

With the app, employees can make and receive calls, video chat, and send instant messages to co-workers.

Other features Dialpad offers include three-way calling, reply by text, visual voicemail, do not disturb, online faxing, call recording, call screening and simultaneous ringing.

Jive's cloud-based Vo IP system, which has 11 servers to ensure top-notch reliability, has an impressive set of more than 70 features and tools.