Online dating services for pet lovers

Purrsonals - The Cat Lovers Social Network "Meet other cat lovers who really match your PURRsonality!

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So, if you know that the person you will end up with has got to be an animal lover, then of course it makes sense to consider online dating and social networking sites that focus on pet owners.

While there are (now) a large number of sites with just such a focus, many sites now specialize in specific types of pets (or little friends)..owner sites, cat owners sites, etc.

How to get a date with a fellow dog owner The dog park is a great place to meet other singles with four-legged friends. Also, most play dates happen in homes or backyards so it's a great way to get invited to your love interest's pad."It's like asking someone out without all of the romantic expectations," Relucio said.

There is ample time, while your dog frolics in the park, to strike up a conversation with a cute stranger. "Dog play dates are the best kind of first date."3.

If you are looking for someone who loves cats as much as you do (or you just want to make sure your significant other isn't allergic), this might be the site for you.