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He pays for everything, leaving him bahtless come the end of the month.

She has built up a nice little nest egg and refuses to contribute. While some Westerners speak of being unable to live on less than 200,000 baht a month in Thailand, such avariciousness needs to be balanced out by the fact that the vast majority of Thais consider a joint income of 100,000 baht a month an awful lot of money!

So if your Thai wife says to you that it is Thai culture that you should hand over your entire pay packet to her at the end of the month, tell her she is living in the land of the dinosaurs.

It is much, much less common today, although many older Thais do it – as they have done, since they first got married.

In many relationships in Thailand these days, where the woman of the house is in full-time employment earning a similar amount to her husband, it may be expected that she contributes.