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You can update your Awstats in c Panel without contacting Tech Support.

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When using cpanel as a control panel for shared hosting, you’re by default forced to use Apache. So I’ll show you how to make nginx support for cpanel awstats. The reason is that the normal awstats works perfectly, but because the stats for the domains is depending on how awstats and cpanel work together, cpanel have come up with a pretty bad way to handle the main configuration file for awstats.

The reason behind this is that it’s the most common webserver, but Apache is often using a lot of memory when you could lower this. Which results in, that it’s not possible to add your own log format in the main config, so it will work for all your domains.

This is done to support python2.4 which is default on centos5 machines. It then creates a directly in the users tmp directory called awstats.

Creates a file called include, and writes 7 lines of configuration to this file, and save it.

The very last line, is used for track more rows, since the processing of the logs will break if this number is too low.