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She’s smart, quick on her feet, and she keeps up the pacing of the routines very well.

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Prediction – It’s worth mentioning that in addition to her talent, Sabrina has also been a part of the “Dancing with the Stars” Las Vegas show. Having Louis on her team should also help her embrace more of her fun side, and hopefully not come across as too intense (which may have hurt her last time).

— How long do you think Sabrina and Louis will be in the competition? If you want to check out more of our spotlight series, be sure to visit the link here.

Sabrina had been very lightly crying the entire hour but managed to keep composure and thank Louis and her fans for voting her onto the season in the first place.

Louis said he’d only had something this special with his former partner Kelly Osbourne in season 9.

So is this a chance at redemption for the former Cheetah Girl?