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” after “Mick Jagger, Prince and Britney Spears.” Unlike the workouts he had doing eight shows a week, his role on TV’s “Smash” left him sitting around the set getting soft.

“Rounding 40 made me realize I needed to get some exercise,” says Borle, who modeled the William Shakespeare-as-preening-rock-star he plays in “Rotten!

This was a couple that was well-known within the industry. My personal favorite: Chris Kattan (whom I saw in early previews) being fired from THE FROGS and the headline that followed the next day in the Post.

"Kattan axed, too busy snorting lines to learn them" P Did anything really happen between Kristin and Idina? thread=941439&dt=10 That oughta help you out with the Mandy Patinkin - Toni Collette incident.

Tonya Pinkins demanding more money for playing Caroline in CAROLINE, OR CHANGE when the show transferred from the Public Theatre to Broadway. Donna Mc Kechnie falling in love with him during A CHORUS LINE.

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