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It is noteworthy that the primary sources so far consulted do not mention any counts who were installed on the island of Sicily itself, the territories established on the Italian mainland presumably being less challenging to maintain.

Two comprehensive documents provide an effective census of nobility in the kingdom of Sicily for the mid-12th and mid-13th centuries.

"Ugo de Claromonte et Alexander nepos Riccardi dapiferi" subscribed the charter dated [Sep 1100/Aug 1101] under which "Richard Snchal neveu de Robert Guiscard" donated property which "sa sur Aumberga" possessed until her death to the bishop of Nicastro.

A listing of nobles and their landholdings under the Norman kings is provided by the "Catalogus Baronum", which was compiled under the auspices of Guillaume II "le Bon" King of Sicily.

The document is not dated but it can probably be assigned narrowly to [1168], judging by the names of some of the individuals who are recorded, assuming that all parts of the survey were compiled at the same time.

This is not especially satisfactory as it in no way reflects the divisions which existed in medieval times.

Nevertheless, it is anticipated that it will prove more helpful to future research to group the nobility territorially.

Chiaromonte is located mid-way between the towns of Senise and Fardella in the southern part of the present-day Italian region of Basilicata. Hugues "Monoculus" is recorded as Lord of Chiaromonte from 1074.