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If you find yourself involved in conflicting interests, it’s best to remove yourself from the situation immediately or if you wish to continue, seek approval for the activity by disclosing it to your manager.

Many businesses have a code of ethics in their employment guidelines to clearly present its employees with information on conflicts of interest and how they are handled, such as workplace relationships and what is and isn’t appropriate behavior between two colleagues.

Usually an employee will sign an employment agreement that contains a non-compete or a confidentiality clause to deter conflicts so long as the employee has not left anything undisclosed.

An employee could be unaware that their behavior conflicts with their employer’s, however, innocent or not, it is an employee’s responsibility to evaluate their work and personal lives to see if there is anything they do which would be at odds with their employer. When an employee is knowingly taking part in conflicting scenarios for personal benefit, it can be cause for disciplinary action or termination.

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