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Similar to, for a free refund you should only block the card and not actually debit it for ease and convenience of receiving the refund on time.

Every new representative that comes on the phone tells me a new stipulation that the one prior didn�t say. Well the funny thing is when I initially booked the trip I booked the wrong airport.

Why are you playing games with people who have put their hard earned money into your services!? Airlines are definitely more accommodating directly then Expedia is. I immediately called and what do you know they canceled it and refunded my money no problem.

Claims for cancelled tours and hotels will be paid to the individual who booked the reservation. To file a claim, participating travelers must contact Expedia and Berkely Care as soon as possible to avoid losses and non-covered expenses due to delay in reporting. I have used Expedia over the years with no issues... Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico in Oct 2017 as a category 5. We received a refund for our hotel and could only receive credit for our flights with the only stipulation being it needed to be used before May 2018. I also like many of you booked a trip and had to call and cancel it.

Berkley Care will forward all physician forms and other documents necessary to report illness or losses covered under the travel insurance plan. I am currently trying to use the credit and after spending over five hours on the phone with different representatives, I am unable to book a flight. and got a confirmation email saying refund will be there in 3-5 business days. I already spoke to at least 10 people, including supervisor. I bought the trip protection and was told that it doesn't mean you get a refund unless your going to die or your dead.

Buying from the supermarket was very humiliating, so I was standing in the supermarket looking at the underwear section, looking at the different items I was not sure what to buy, so I went for 18 not knowing if this was right then a Bra that matched.

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    Time will tell, but our sources seem to believe that this car will be released 2018 model year, so we expect a preview in the Summer of 2016, if not sooner.

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