Prevention of dating violence on college campuses

UE recommends administrators review annual security reporting and training programs for Campus Sa VE Act compliance.The Campus Sa VE Act adds domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking to the list of crimes that the Clery Act requires institutions to include in their annual security report.

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The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (Campus Sa VE) Act requires higher education institutions to implement education and prevention programs to address dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.

Studies indicate that relationship violence, which includes domestic and dating violence, is a concern for college-age populations.

In November, the University of New Mexico suspended a women’s basketball player after she allegedly threw a knife at her boyfriend during an argument.

Later than month, the University of Michigan dismissed a student from its football team after he was arrested on domestic violence charges.

Nearly a quarter of college rape or sexual assaults against females are perpetrated by an intimate partner, and many stalking victims are under age 25, according to federal studies.