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“Today everything is illuminated”, said in his opening keynote Marco Icardi, ‎Regional VP SAS & CEO SAS Italy, referring to Jonathan Safran Foer's first novel.

“In other words, everything is connected, and analytics is what illuminates it all.

SAS, said Icardi, wants to be the driving factor of this transformation in Italy, and can do it thanks to its relationship with academic world and the network of partners supporting customers along every process in the so-called “Machines will never replace humans when job is about decision and creativity”, Icardi added, “but we have to change the way organizations work, transferring culture and competence.

Business speed dating milano

This is exactly what Octo Telematics is doing, providing insurance companies with new tools and information that are disrupting the way risks and pricing are calculated. “We are stydying its potential role, and we think it could be another version of Internet, the Internet of value, a new base for the sharing economy”.

During the plenary, Fabio Sbianchi, General Manager of Octo Telematics, said that the group has now five millions international customers who can rely on analytics and connected cars to better understand the behaviour of the final users.

After an exciting show (a real fencing duel on the stage of the plenary session), the olympionic fencer Margherita Granbassi was interviewed by Emanuela Sferco, SAS Regional Marketing Director.

“In every sport, technology is fundamental: not only to get better performances thanks to the analytics, but also to study the opponents through analysis and to refine psychological attitude”, said Granbassi.

SAS Italy is committed to help this change happen through the effort it is putting in the construction of the Digital Innovation Hubs (the centers that will support Italian business in the revolution of the Industry 4.0) and creating connections between students or young graduates and organizations who need to develop their digital business.