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They urging her to confess and Amy just shaking her head between gasps of pain and then waiting for them to increase the inducement to talk. ---------------- Bill K wrote: Ralphus, if I want to post pictures here, how do I do it? The only problem most people have is finding a free site that will host adult material.

Yes it's not all good, clean, family fun and that's why I like it. Sites like Image Shack and Photo Bucket will delete anything they find objectionable.

And then to launch the film onto the world stage; where thousands, tens of thousands; witness, lust after your naked body; engage with your pain, abuse and degradation; desire to be your torturers. Dan Hawke - I remember "fun TIme for Jody" very well and it was a long time ago. BTW, I couldn't agree more with you on these stories being better from victim's POV rather than the torturer's. Bill K wrote: How about it Gimpers, what Maleficarum dungeon Amy and Mila torture would you like to see repeated or some other inquisition torture method or device that was not done in Maleficarum.

It's sort of hard knowing how to do another movie as good as Maleficarum without just doing the same stuff again (minus the roasting scene...sorry, but it just didn't float my boat).

Thus all horrors inflicted on the women lack the impact of 'Torture Tomb' and the best of the men's magazines.