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A window will open displaying the content of the report table, which is the information filled in while running cases.

After the data for the specific Report Table displays, click on the Regenerate Data Report option on the upper side of the window.

Consider that while cases are being created and routed, data is created and updated in the Report Tables, therefore, it is not necessary to use the Regenerate Data Report each time.

Remember that as well as PM tables, Report Tables have the (generally) database, depending on the DB connection previously chosen When importing, if the option Overwrite if exist?

is not checked, and if the Report Table exists, a new Report Table will be created with the current date and time.

Process Maker prevents reserved words from being used, but if using a previous version, make sure not to name the Report Table one of these My SQL reserved words: case, catch, cfunction, class, clone, const, continue, declare, default, do, else, elseif, enddeclare, endfor, endforeach, endif, endswitch, endwhile, extends, final, for, foreach, function, global, goto, if, implements, interface, instanceof, private, namespace, new, old_function, or, throw, protected, public, static, switch, xor, try, use, var, while When done defining the new report table, click on the Create button at the end of the panel and the new table will be created and populated with data from all the existing cases in the current process.