Updating windows key

For example, including PCR[1] would result in most changes to BIOS settings, causing Bit Locker to enter recovery mode.

I have found several articles about this and they all pretty much say the same thing.

I have decrypted the disk, reset and reinitialized the TPM module and reencrypted the disk and I get the same thing. Please read the message carefully that tells you to enter your "key" (what key, the short PIN or the long recovery key? Normally, you will need to enter the recovery key only if something at bios level has changed or other low level hardware changes have taken place. I'm not by the laptop at this moment, but what it wants is the long 48 character key. I've installed bitlocker on other machines without issue, but this one fails to boot every time unless I enter the key.

THis will reset bitlocker to use the new boot information. I believe that I have done the suspend thing before.

But I get into Windows and I suspend and then resume. Then I log into Windows and then do a Shut Down from Windows.

I am pretty sure the message tells you to disable bitlocker and enable it again (after once and only once typing in the recovery key). From Dev Ops to revenue models and customer support, the answer is yes! So, I fired up the laptop after it sat all weekend and it went into Windows just fine. Here is what it says: The system boot information has changed since bitlocker was enabled.