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Choose the database objects or tables that you want in your model, provide a meaningful model namespace and click Finish. Step 3 Look at the name of the entities in the image above. Once you click add, you will see that many files have been added. When we want to create and add a new record, the Create scaffold template is selected and so on. In the preceding two classes, you will see that none of the fields are marked Required. We got for the Course field “The Course_Id field is required” but here we are not assigning any Id, we are assigning Course Name. In the Home look for the Http Post Edit action method.

We don't want our entities to be called tbl Course and tbl Student. Step 4 The next step is to add a controller and for that right-click on the Controllers folder then select Add then select Controller. Select the template “MVC Controller with read/write actions and views using Entity Framework”Select Student as the model class. Like Home Controller, Index, Details, Create, Edit and Delete.cshtml files. So, if we click on the create link, we will get this layout and this layout is nothing but a Create scaffold template. Let's see what happens if we don't insert any data into the fields and click the create button. So, to prevent the fields from having blank records we can make all the properties required. So, let's see how to change this validation message. In the Edit view, we don't want the Student Name to be editable. We got a validation error in the Name field because this Student Name field is a read-only field but we are not posting the value back to the server and when we click the Save button this field becomes null. Look at how the Edit post action method is implemented. To delete a record click the Delete link in the Index page. So, in this article we saw how to Insert, Update and Delete records and with that we have also seen how to prevent un-intended updates.

Right-click on the user's Desktop and create a shortcut to primary output in the application folder.

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In the setup project file system editor window, right-click on the Application folder then select "Add" "Project Output".

Now select primary output from the next dialog box and click on OK.

Visual Studio provides full support for publishing and updating applications deployed with Click Once.

Click Once deployment is available for projects created with Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Visual J#, but not for Visual C .

Expand the Installed node then the Templates node then the Visual C# node then then the Web node then select Visual Studio then choose ASP. Expand Installed then Visual C# then select Data then choose ADO.