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If you'll do that we will have a fast way (Internet) to discuss our future. My dearest, the matter is that at this time I've lost my second job which gives me usseally a possibility to have an Internet.

I trully believe these people are very helpful, they bring people together. You may get an information about them at address is: But, dear, please do that fast because we almost don't have a time. I've written an e-mail to my provider office and ask them about a possibility to pay direcktly to them. If you can, send them to me through Western Union, the address of branch is: When you will send money you necessarily need to write ten numbers of a remittance.

They make invitations for visa, they submit papers, do translations, accompany women to Embassy, they do so much job. I have durk hier, big green eyes and perfect figure. I was too too long waiting for you, my beautiful Prince. And they replyied that it's not possible for them to accept payment from abroad. If you'll find material and also moral possibility to send the money to me for the Internet, we will still have the fastest way to talk. I just came across Elena Karaseva on your black list. The letter that is posted is the same exact letter I recieved except for the guys name and her name. This means ten digit you'll be given in Western Union after sending money. Unfortunately, to meet for us are necessary money, but money is only a paper, The main thing is that we shall meet with you.

I wrote to Marina (at AM EDT) pointing out this concern and asking that she contact me in some way other than through the agency if she was real and interested in further communication.

Her response was sent back to me at PM EDT: Hello XXXXX, I do not see anything bad that Agency helped me to create my profile.

I saw many pictures of happily married couples on displays here, in office! I realized that we need to talk more and more.......... I'm sorry very much to ask you about ........something ........ Intrnet is very expencive thing here like everything modern. There is not exist Internet gratis here, in the Ukraine.