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But haven’t the US and Russian air forces been doing exactly that for some time now?

Either they’ve already bombed the place and everything in it to gravel, or air power is not what it’s cracked up to be — and we have plenty of reason to believe the latter after a decade of selectively pounding jihadists from Afgahnistan to Libya with nothing to show for it except a refugee crisis.

If National wins, tax are cuts planned for April 1 next year. “People want to hear a debate on the issues and that means the issues as they stand, not fake news,” she said. This is what’s called ‘post truth politics’, where deliberate lies and falsehoods reign supreme. And now, with Steven Joyce’s false claim of a $11.7 billion hole, and false claims about income tax rises – post-truth politics is here.

If Labour wins, it will cancel the tax cuts – but it will not raise taxes. The truth is – for Bill English – the truth on tax doesn’t matter anymore.

The long emergency is showing signs of morphing into something like civil war.