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Call us crazy, but we sort of saw this one coming awhile back. You wonder when it's all going to stop." Then again, acquaintances of Rosetta Getty have said her and her husband were "in no way separated" when the Brothers & Sisters star began dating Miller.

Like the day they hooked up."I'm single at the moment, and I'm completely happy with that," the actress said Friday evening at the Hollywood Dominoes: VIP Launch in London. One friend said: Recent topless photos of Sienna Miller kissing Balthazar Getty have shoved this steamy affair into the spotlight.

JOSH HARTNETT PEOPLE reported that Sienna and Josh were seen looking VERY cosy in Hollywood's Chateau Marmont Hotel in January 2007.

While both their reps denied they were more than friends, the US mag claimed the pair were sat closely in the bar, and Josh had his hand on Sienna's thigh.

They went on to party together across the world at a series of exclusive clubs and on yachts.