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His cousin Brandon Lyons is charged with capital murder in the death Soliman, who was killed in February 2017. She is charged with felony murder, accused of killing her 7-year-old son in a July 7 car crash while driving while intoxicated.

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Davis allegedly became enraged after finding Johnson cheating on her, the Houston Police Department said.

less The suspect, Debra Morgan Davis, 58, is charged with murder in the August killing of Rodney Johnson, 49, of Houston.

Ritchie and Chief Deputy Edison Toquica warned Monday that people using websites, chat rooms and apps to arrange in-person meetings should meet in public, bring along another person and avoid inviting strangers to their home or going to a stranger's home.

The detective said people should always consider "that this person might not be wanting to meet up for the same reason that you do." SOLIMAN CASE: Man walking dog finds body of missing man in Spring Soliman was reported missing Feb. Nine days later a man found his body while walking a dog on a trail in the Spring area, just five miles from the dead man's home.

To critics, the deaths validate what they want to believe about millennials: that they are self-absorbed, and self-absorption is an odious quality with odious consequences.