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The view in the clearing is not uncommon — a stream of silvery flow and murmur, a high hill and the forest — but, by following up the western creek that here meets one from the north, a wild glen opens un- surpassed among our hills.

" It was night when the Indians and their captive reached this hidden valley, but they passed on, after drinking of the spring, to the greater concealment of the ravine beyond.

A huge rock came thundering down the precipice — then another, and another — vexing the air; and amid the echo and gloom, a hand rested on the shoulder of Rosbach, and in his ear was whispered, 'Robert, do you hear me? " After concealing his body among the rocks, she resumed her journey toward the river, and at length reached friends, whose joy upon her return was changed to sadness, as she bade them seek the remains of her husband beneath the shadow of the mountain that overhangs the mineral spring." HISTORY OF SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY. The events of the period to which they belong are given in detail by Chapman, Miner, and others, from whose works a synopsis is given here, prefaced by the following remark from Dr.

Hollister's "History of the Lacka- wanna Valley " : — " While Wyoming, in its limited signification, now gives name to a valley (about twenty miles in length and three or four in width) unsurpassed for the beauty of its scenery or the romance of its history, it was formerly used in a more enlarged sense to designate all the country purchased of the Indians by the New England men, in 1754, lying in what is now known as Luzerne, Wyoming, Susquehanna, and Wayne Counties." (A large part of Bradford should also be included in this statement.) The territory of Susquehanna County was included in the Connecticut Delaware Company's purchase, which extended from the Delaware Eiver within the 42d degree of north lati- tude, west to the line of the Susquehanna Company's purchase; or to within ten miles of the Susquehanna River after it enters the State the second time. Barrager, Farris Blanchard, d., Moses Brewer, Adjt.

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