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She is an exile among philosophers, too, althoughis as much a work of philosophy as it is a novel.

Liberals glower at the very mention of her name; but conservatives, too, swallow hard when she begins to speak.

Petersburg, Russia, where she lived through the Soviet Revolution. Between bouts of unemployment, she worked as a movie extra, waitress, newspaper subscription salesgirl and studio wardrobe-department clerk.a short novel about a society in which the word “I” has been extirpated in favor of the collectivist “we.” It was not until five years and twelve publishers’ rejections later that her first commercially successful book,which she views not merely as a novel, but as the crystallization of a philosophy aimed at nothing less than reversing the entire direction of change in America—turning society toward a stale of pure laissez-faire capitalism, even purer than that which existed during the 19th Century.

She attended the University of Leningrad, loathing communism and its philosophy. But her philosophy—which she calls “Objectivism"—encompasses more than economics or politics: Primarily, it sets forth a new kind of ethics, which she defines as a morality of rational self-interest.

By reason, I mean the faculty, which identifies and integrates the material provided by man’s senses.