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Turk was a small time crook who frequently clashed with Daredevil and Black Panther.

And by clashed, we mean they would intimidate him into spilling whatever criminal operation his bosses were planning that week.

She also became part of the A blind woman who Matt Murdock saved from a speeding truck. And decade after decade the city tells you, screams at you, that it cannot function financially without men... The city is structured socially, politically, economically around us. Starting out as a bodyguard for Don Rigalotto, Fisk murdered his boss and seized control of the don's empire for himself, expanding his reach until he controlled almost the entirety of New York's underside.

They quickly fell in love and were privately married. He has known who is under Daredevil's mask for a long time, and regularly uses that information to try and ruin Matt Murdock's life.

A covert operative from an unnamed government agency, Buck Cashman tells his autistic son that he's a James Bond expy that is doing his part to prevent World War III (which his son is irrationally afraid of).