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The department shall adopt the proper forms and rules to administer this section, including the necessary tax exemption certificate, showing that the fair association has met all requirements and that the traveling show, exhibition, amusement enterprise, carnival, vaudeville, exhibit, minstrel, rodeo, theatrical, game or test of skill, riding device, dramatic repertoire, other show or amusement, or concession is exempt. The department shall give preference to existing fair associations with established dates, locations, and names. The department may impound an amusement ride involved in an accident for which a patron is transported to a hospital as defined in chapter 395 or which has a mechanical, structural, or electrical defect affecting patron safety, and may impound any other amusement ride of a similar make and model, and may perform all necessary tests to determine the cause of the accident or the mechanical, structural, or electrical defect, or to determine the safety of the amusement ride and any other amusement ride of a similar make and model. There shall also be a member who is the member of the Board of County Commissioners of Hillsborough County representing the county commission district in which the Florida State Fairgrounds is located, who shall serve as a voting member. The development of the plan shall include input from Hillsborough County.

Any fair association securing the required annual fair permit from the department is exempt from local business tax as defined by chapter 205, occupational permit fees, or any occupational taxes assessed by any county, municipality, political subdivision, agency, or instrumentality thereof.s. The cost of impounding the amusement ride and performing the necessary tests must be borne by the owner of the amusement ride. There shall also be an appointed youth member who is an active member of the Florida Future Farmers of America or a 4-H Club, who shall serve as a nonvoting member. Acquire in its own name by purchase, grant, gift, or lease, on such terms and conditions and in such manner as it may deem proper, real and personal property, and acquire, construct, reconstruct, improve, alter, repair, maintain, operate, sell, convey, lease, and dispose of any building, structure, or facility.

Twenty-five or more persons who are residents and qualified electors of the county in which the annual public fair is to be located, who wish to form an association not for profit for the purpose of conducting and operating public fairs or expositions, may become incorporated in the following manner. Upon approval and publication of notice and proof that all indebtedness has been paid and no claims are outstanding against the association, the circuit judge may, by decree, dissolve the association and order its remaining public funds to be distributed as recommended by the board of directors. Entering and remaining upon any grounds or facilities owned, operated, or controlled by the Florida State Fair Authority or any other association permitted under s. The fees must be deposited in the General Inspection Trust Fund.

The subscribers shall submit the proposed charter to the department for review and approval. Any fair association may subject itself to indebtedness or liability in an aggregate sum not greater than the limit stated in its charter or any amendment thereto, without regard to the value of its property. 616.15 and committing any act that disrupts the orderly conduct of any authorized activity of the fair association in charge, or its lessees, licensees, or the general public on those grounds or facilities; or Entering and remaining on those grounds or facilities after being directed not to enter or to leave them by the executive director of the authority, chief administrative officer of the fair association, or any employee or agent of the association designated by the executive director or administrator to maintain order on those grounds and facilities, after a determination by the executive director, administrator, employee, or agent that the entering or remaining on those grounds or facilities is in violation of the rules and regulations of the Florida State Fair Authority or permitted fair association or is disrupting the orderly conduct of any authorized activity of the fair association in charge, or its lessees, licensees, or the general public on those grounds or facilities. Any owner of an amusement ride who has not paid all the fees required under this section or who has any unpaid fine outstanding under this section may not operate any amusement ride in this state until the fees and fines have been paid to the department.

The term includes parades and displays of articles or a collection of articles, whether static, interactive, or dynamic, by a fair association or a third party contracting with a fair association, such as exhibits of animals, art, housewares, or motor vehicles.“Public fair or exposition” means a project, activity, event, or program, and use by a fair association, including, but not limited to, the annual public fair, which serves the purposes specified in s. A fair association may dissolve its charter by resolution as provided in its charter or bylaws. This subsection does not apply if the personal injury, death, or property damage was due to an act or omission committed by the authority or fair association in bad faith, with malicious purpose, or with wanton and willful disregard of human rights, safety, or property. The department shall by rule establish fees to cover the costs and expenditures associated with the fair rides inspection program, including all direct and indirect costs.