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"You are exactly what we need, but that is why I am very hesitant. Your company does tons of business, with lots of great clients.You appear to be too good to be true, so I'm trying to figure out how you are going to screw us." She stated deadpan into the phone to Cindi after her final questions had been answered. If we can get you to push our stuff, and trust me when I say just using our product is pushing it enough in terms of sales, we can get some more customers and be okay.But the system was now fully operational and ready to go.

She understood the technology pretty well, but she had talked to her IT folks and had gotten some very detailed questions to help sort out those who understood their products and those who had no clue.

The rep was more than willing to assist and answer any and every question she had in regards to their systems.

It appeared to be top of the line, exactly what they needed and at a rock bottom price.

Which made Sarah very suspicious about the whole thing. We have made some breakthroughs that will revolutionize this area, but it ate a LOT of our capital. We are currently hurting and if we can't get some sales going fast we are in the hot seat and could lose everything.

The new financial district was actually on the other side of the river from Sassy Street and was now getting the reputation as the new "Official" face of Center City.