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The people trying to hide on the Dark Web occasionally open doors that let the light come flooding in, bump in to the person chasing them or accidentally annoy organisations that happen to own very powerful torches.

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Well, that rather depends on what information you share on your Facebook page, or whether you clicked on any links or ran any applications promoted by the imposter.

If you find that you’ve befriended a false Facebook friend, unfriend them immediately and warn your genuine friends about what happened in case they have also added them to their network.

All the encryption in the world couldn’t save US resident Michael Focia though.

He’s facing up to 15 years in jail because he left his fingerprints on the gun.

You should also check out our tips for better security and privacy on Facebook to make sure that you are following best practices to defend your account.

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    Hernias often recur after being surgically repaired.

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    But now, thanks to networking sites such as Bebo, You Tube and Facebook, they can talk directly to each other, encouraging each other in their deadly aim of becoming as thin as is humanly possible.

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