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Dominicans are very relaxed when it comes to time and this attitude affects everything from business to social plans.Businesses are a little more structured, but meetings can start late and run over time, and assignments can sometimes take longer than expected to reach completion.

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In the United States, public transportation is generally reliable, operates on a standardized schedule, and rides have a standardized rate that is advertised not only on the many schedules and route maps that are visible at all bus stops, but also can be found through a quick internet search.

I would have loved to have a map when I first moved here which showed the routes of public cars, but I had to learn the public transportation system by word of mouth.

The other great thing about colmados is you can call and order what you need and have it delivered directly to your door.

Do you need an extra roll of bread or has an unexpected guest arrived and you need to cook a meal?

I have learned to let my expectations of “New York Minutes” go and live in the moment.