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Aphrodite kept Kassandra's head busy with her tits and clenched down on her stud, the insane strength of her divine cunt literally milking the man, pulling his ass from the bed with her strength, essentially forcing the cum right out of his balls.

Kassandra heard the strangled cry and worked herself the same way on, the two men grunting through an intense orgasm in unison, finally collapsing limp to the bed beneath them, snores following shortly.

Here in the temple of Aphrodite, however, this event of unparalleled magnitude was known simply as 'Tuesday'.

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"Well, when I was a young initiate, not yet your most favored servant, there seemed to be no limit to the new pleasure I could attain.

Each man or woman I made love to presented something new for me to learn, a new height to be reached in terms of my own bliss, and the height of the ecstasy I could give to others.

The glory of their sexual prowess was just as revered on Olympus as it was below, where normal humans dwelled.

Then, with a seductive stare, Aphrodite took Kassandra's hand and drew her off the bed.

Kassandra gasped as a little tremor of orgasm shook her, "Always, Goddess, lest you command otherwise." "How did you feel about tonight's orgy?