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While Tenten went to see Naruto, a now angry Fu, who had learned of Anko's harshness towards her hubby went snake hunting with spear in hand, and had caused some extensive damage to the village before Tsunade had to restrain a crazy eyed Fu from literally taking a chunk of Anko's butt off with the spear before going after other parts of the Special Jounin's body.

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Hana had requested her own dogs be allowed to live in Naruto's home, which the young Namikaze accepted since he understood her bond she had with the animals, and let them move in without problems.

All he asked was they not mark their territory all over the clan home and not make a mess of the house like some dogs were known to do.

Of course, Naruto did not want the others to be left out of this, as he had Tsunade train Hinata along with Haku to be a medic on account of their skill allowing the two girls to do many promising things, and even got the female Hokage to teach her new students how to use the Super Strength ability that Tsunade was most notorious in using in a fight.

Naruto had Anko work with Tenten, Ino, Fu, and Tayuya in teaching the girls her personal Taijutsu known as "Serpent's Strike" in the off chance they ever needed something to knock a foe off his or her ground.

two other female members in the clan hierarchy, or the fight did not count.