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If you were born a uterus or if your uterus is tiny, you will not be able to carry a pregnancy.

Since your ovaries are normal and make eggs, an egg can be fertilized with your partner’s or a donor’s sperm. Surrogacy: Someone else such as your sister, friend, or another person you choose, could potentially be a gestational carrier.

However, the procedure offers hope for women who aren’t otherwise able to carry a pregnancy. In general, some women can tell when they ovulate (make an egg) each month because they feel some discomfort or twinge in their lower belly.

Your doctor will probably ask you questions such as: “When did you notice that your body was changing… ” Next, he/she may want to take a look at your outer female organs and also check to see how long your vagina is.

Your doctor will gently put a Q-tip or gloved pinky finger at the opening of your vagina and then very slowly and carefully place the tip into the vagina to see how deep it is.

It’s also perfectly fine if you simply feel relieved to know why you don’t have periods.

Most likely you and your parents have a lot of questions.

Uterine transplants: This is a very complicated surgery that was first performed in Sweden, where nine patients have undergone transplants and four babies have been born. Doctors are working on changing the procedure to reduce complications in the future.