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I also feel if people had the GUTS to actually votefor their first choice, and not for someone who they thought had the best chance ofwinning, that he would have had a better chance. Ron Paul, his love for the people and the republic isn't an act.

The corps(e) and those who suck on it's teat, do not wish the message to arrive to people that one of the candidates is actually of and for the people.

I have issues with Ron Paul of course, but in many ways he is the least dispicable of a nasty bunch, I was also well aware he didn't have a chance in hell.

It's an inevitable result of first past the post systems, you end up with two parties that are very similar and everything else is marginalized.

But maintaining that (R) beside his name is an indication taht while he thinks the party stinks, he isn't willing to tough out distancing himself from it.