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Since then, women working in parks, monuments and historic sites across the country have come forward alleging on-the-job sexual harassment, assault and gender discrimination.

Many of them, like Olivia, are worried about retaliation and have asked to remain anonymous., describing their experiences.

I have interviewed many of them and others, in total at least 50 people—from park rangers and scientists, to superintendents and a former Park Service director—ranging in age from 23 to 70.

The year after the incident, she returned to Death Valley to work as a ranger.

As the sunset turns the desert a hazy pink, Olivia takes a deep breath.

He jotted down notes and told her that she had a choice: She could either press charges, or let the park handle it internally.

Unaware that there was a formal complaint process, Olivia said that the park could handle it, and left.

Six years later, the memory of the assault still makes her shudder.“I didn’t know to call it sexual assault then,” Olivia tells me.