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Ice Chat is a popular IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Client that can be used in Windows Vista upto and including Windows 10.

It has been tested on 64bit versions of Vista to Windows 10.

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Ice Chat is a very user friendly program that can be setup in a matter of minutes.

Ice Chat is capable of connecting to multiple servers and channels all at once, with ease, so you can easily chat with your friends in your favorite channels.

So far, it has been successfully tested with some simple scripts made in Ice Chat 7. Ice Chat 9 Changelog -- A list of all the updates for the Ice Chat 9 life cycle Ice Chat 7 Changelog -- A list of all the updates for the Ice Chat 7 life cycle Ice Chat 9.20 has been released.

Attempting to have the updater detect if you are running the 4.5 build, and will update with those binaries, and then some other little fixes. Added some more Plugin events, and fixed an issue where a character would cause the channel window to blank. The Ice Chat 9 Google Plugin has been updated, because the previous version was causing Ice Chat to hang. There have been ongoing problems with the SVN at Codeplex, where Ice Chat 9 has had its code hosted for many years.

For those people that wish to do more then just chat with Ice Chat, there are numerous different ways to customize the look and feel of Ice Chat.