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And because they’d done such an effective job of building her up, it took six weeks to bring her down. Week 3: tabloid hacks tell Janet she’s not worth writing about.

Week 4: Gary Barlow tells her she’s too predictable.

When doubts have been raised about individual performances, it has always been gentle and leavened by praise for her songwriting prowess.

Her VTs have done a consistently excellent job of portraying her as warm, humble and funny. Whether it’s too late to arrest the ratings decline remains to be seen, but we’ve certainly enjoyed this kinder, gentler X Factor – and so, we assume, will talented songwriter-performers who are tempted by the adverts to apply for 2018. In defence of Rak-Su There’s not been a huge amount of love for Rak-Su in our comments section this series.

Last week we discussed a Music Week interview in which Simon Cowell mused that acts must go through a “mental process” of “do we trust the show enough”.