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You can run them on a Pi if you want — both can be installed from apt.

New images for both Raspbian and Debian versions are available from the Downloads page.

One important feature missing from the previous release was an indication of the amount of battery life.

Eben runs our desktop on his Mac, and he was becoming slightly irritated by having to keep rebooting into mac OS just to check whether his battery was about to die — so fixing this was a priority!

Today, we are launching the first Debian Stretch release of the Raspberry Pi Desktop for PCs and Macs, and we’re also releasing the latest version of Raspbian Stretch for your Pi.

When we released our custom desktop environment on Debian for PCs and Macs last year, we were slightly taken aback by how popular it turned out to be.

While this battery monitor is mainly intended for the PC version, it also supports the first-generation pi-top — to see it, you’ll only need to make sure that I2C is enabled in Configuration.