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His fourth album, Eritrea’s highest artistic honour – although Osman did not come to Eritrea to accept his award.

Another artist, Idris Mohammed Ali, is regarded as the most important singer in the Tigre language.

Information by various online sources show that the singer was killed by Eritrean security agents in August 2007 alongside three colleagues.

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After joining the musical association in Atbara in north-eastern Sudan and studying music for six months, he was exposed to different rhythms and modern music, which enabled him to reinvent his work.

Singing in Arabic and Tigre languages (spoken across Eritrea and eastern Sudan), Ali is an avant-garde singer who greatly modernized the traditional Tigre beats.

After Eritrea’s independence in 1991, the country’s political structure did not change much.

Artists continued to be monitored under the ruling party’s various organs.

As the Eritrean dream started to falter, Ali never compromised his stand. As many had feared, he was detained on 24 November 2005 as part of a wave of arrests that included 13 other prominent political and cultural figures.