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During the trip, adoptees come together for Connect & Chat, and parents gather for Talk Time—both are opportunities to process the experience and are completely optional. Korean Ties Lite participants will return to Seoul by KTX high-speed train traveling through scenic hills, valleys and rice paddies.

They will enjoy some free time to finish last-minute shopping, see a few more Seoul sites, or just enjoy the city a bit longer, as they prepare for their flight back to the US in the morning.

Request Information While we strongly believe in adoptees and their families traveling with a group that offers “community,” we know it isn’t always possible.

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The school’s staff is dedicated to ensuring students constantly improve their fluency in Korean and can assist them with any matter related to their stay and their language course.

The school is close to one of Asia’s most dynamic and popular entertainment areas, with countless nightlife options such as dinners in Korean restaurants, movie nights, karaoke K-Pop, and nights out in local bars and nightclubs.

Next Gen: Korea is geared toward adult adoptees (and those who love them).

Next Gen has more of a focus on contemporary Korean culture as opposed to the adoption focus of our flagship Korean Ties program.

Participants see the sites and explore the culture.