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[tags: sexuality, relationships, cheating] - Love throughout history has been considered an enigma with an emphasis on emotions such as compassion and appreciation; nevertheless as with most beneficial substances it is subject to fundamental flaws.Modern society is abundant in gossip, scandal, and misconception, all factors that ruin a legitimate relationship.What are the ethical concerns regarding this scenario.

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From afar the relationships between the trio of characters seems normal but; when taking a deeper look, the correlations are noticeably dysfunctional.

The three main characters, Emma, Jerry and Robert interact kindly, never seem to interrupt one another, ask innocent questions and do not, generally, inspect over much the answers.

- A man has been married to his wife for seven years.

The couple has two beautiful children, a fabulous home, and appear to have the perfect marriage.

After the husband leaves work one afternoon, he decides to stop in at the local bar. Not long after his arrival, a woman approaches him. The two seem to have quite a bit in common and enjoy each other’s company.